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July 25, 2013

Christine & Damien – Belvedere wedding



July 24, 2013

Couple Session – Downtown Montreal at Hotel Zero

Here is a session Joelle and I did in Montreal at Hotel Zero! Enjoy this little ” rendez-vous” story!




Your Ottawa Ontario’s engagement and couple photographers,

Julie Robichaud-Martin and Joelle Martin

Studio G. R. Martin photography, Ottawa



July 18, 2013

Cottage Wedding Party Balcony Photo


Your Ottawa Wedding Photographers,

Guy Martin, Julie Robichaud-Martin & Joelle Martin



Romantic Cottage Country Wedding near Perth, Ottawa, Ontario


Your Ottawa Wedding Photographers,

Guy Martin, Joelle Martin & Julie Robichaud


July 15, 2013

Rana & Charbel Engagement Photography at Dow’s lake in Ottawa

Here is part 2 of Rana and Charbel’s engagement photo. This was taken at Dow’s lake in Ottawa. Here is a preview! Enjoy!

Couple Engagement Photography Studio G.R. Martin Ottawa Ottawa On Location Engagement Photography

Your engagement photographers,

Julie martin and Joelle Martin

Studio G. R. Martin



July 6, 2013

Ottawa Engagement couple photography – Renee & Vito

Renee & Vito met six years ago, on Canada Day, outside of Pancho Villa… where Vito later ended up proposing. However, it took a few years before the timing was right for them to start dating. Renee was away in Nova Scotia and Vito spent the school year in Ottawa and summers in southern Ontario. They finally went on a date four years ago and both of them realized it was worth the wait. They are proof of what happens when you cross a creative craft master with a scholar/magician – the surprises never stop! We are so happy and excited to photograph their wedding today, July 6th, downtown Ottawa.

Ottawa ontario engagement wedding photography


engagement photos with card trick

engagement photos with card trick magician


engagement couple photographed at pond with waterfall

engagement couple reading books

couple in field reading book engagement photos

your Ottawa Ontario Engagement Photographers,

Guy Martin and Julie Robichaud-Martin

Studio G.R. Martin



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