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February 16, 2015


We had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple as bridesmaid and groomsmen at many of their friend’s weddings, but this time, finally as bride and groom :). Getting to know our clients and developing a great relationship is the key to successful wedding images.  Late September is our favorite times to photograph weddings. The vegetation is at its fullest, it’s not to hot, there’s usually a nice breeze and the sun set’s at the perfect time.

Jeremie was ready for his photo session when we arrived at their beautifully renovated home. (If you are looking to renovate your home, Jeremie Dicaire is your guy!!! His custom work and craftsmanship are amazing. The house, the furniture, the lighting and decor were perfect for photos… all the boys looked really handsome. Jeremie was the best model ever!

After the boy’s coverage, we went to Jeremie’s parent’s home in Orleans for Christa’s bridal session. Wow, she was gorgeous. Everything was perfectly laid out for us and the bridesmaids even had matching kimono robes. Christa is a beautiful, generous and kind person that always thinks of others first. Her personality is infectious and everyone just loves being around her.

The ceremony was at the museum of Cumberland. The outdoor setting was perfect and Christa and Jer hand made all the decorations and accessories that made this country wedding look so “chic”. The defining moment of the ceremony was when Jeremie saw Christa for the first time in her wedding dress…there was not one dry eye in the audience. During the ceremony, a big bull made its way close to us and started ” mooooooing” really loud after the exchanging of the vows, kinda saying he approved..lol. After the ceremony, there was a photo opportunity with the bull, we’ll, if you look at the photos in the post below, the bull really liked Christa and especially her bouquet…all in good humor, no one got hurt and it just gave the guests another story to talk about during the family and bridal party photos. Everywhere you looked, there were photo opportunities at the Cumberland museum…it is such a wonderful venue for wedding photographs. The sunflowers were gigantic and we used them as the backdrop for a lot of photos. When we were finishing the couple’s session, the clouds rolled in and it started pouring rain. We only had one series of photos left to do on the museums train track and we convinced the bride to get “a little wet”. We are all so thankful it was such a beautiful sunny day until that moment.
The reception was held at “The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club”. Christa and Jeremie are surrounded by amazing friends and families. The speeches were so wonderful, emotional and funny, and, to top it off, the wedding party offered a show stopping performance of a ” wedding rap” to the famous fresh prince of Belair music. The maid of honor Avery and Jeremy’s brother and best man Jasmin wrote the lyrics to this hilarious rap about the lovely couple.  I could hardly focus because I was laughing so hard…High five to the wedding party, this was the best performance from a wedding party ever !!!…
To Christa and Jer, thank you for trusting us to take your wedding photographs. You two are wonderful, perfect for each other, smart, beautiful, and beyond kind. We wish you the very best !!!

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