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June 2, 2012

Patricia – Ottawa Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal Boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular with todays modern brides!  Instead of having a few photos done quickly the day of your wedding, we recommend that you take a few hours a few months before and get it done right!   Here are a few tips to make these sexy boudoir sessions a success!

1- Make sure you have all your wedding accesories and favorite lingerie ( including shoes, jewlery, garter, veil, hair peices, wedding dress( for prop) etc…)

2-  Try to get your makeup done as a ” pre wedding day trial” by the person that will do your makeup the day of your wedding

3- Don’t go tanning before the photo shoot ( for at least 5-7 days)

4- Bring your favorite music on your ipod or phone and we will connect it to our sound surround system ! Music is a great way to make you move and relax in front of the camera

5-  Don’t be shy… ( remember, we are professionals and we do this A LOT)

6- Bring magazines cut outs of poses and images you love , or photos and paintings that inspirer you

7- Have fun preparing for this shoot and have fun during it

Call us  for more information at 613-824-8525

Hope to photograph you soon!

Here are a few examples of Patricia’s Bridal Boudoir Session!



Your Ottawa, Ontario, Canadian Bridal Boudoir Photographers,

Julie Robichaud-Martin and Joelle Martin


March 21, 2012

Bridal Boudoir Photography – Ottawa Boudoir Wedding Photographers

Here is a new concept we are exploring at our studio….Bridal Boudoir Photography… For all those ladies getting married soon, this is the perfect wedding day gift. To make this kind of session work, you need all your wedding accessories ( ex: jewelry, garter, engagement ring, wedding veil, shoes, hair clip, and of course…. lingerie…You can even bring your wedding dress because we can use it as a prop or a background. The boudoir sessions are photographed at our Cumberland (Ottawa East) studio. Our goal is to make you relax  as soon as you walk in our cozy home studio environment ( we have plenty of chocolate and wine if that’s what it takes!)  We want you to feel comfortable, have fun, look like a million dollars and feel like it too. We welcome your ideas, but, if you want us to take care of everything, we can. We also direct and show you all the poses that we tailor to your body type. Music is a big part of these photo sessions and you are welcome to bring your own on your iPod if you like. So, let’s crank up the volume, and create a memory that will last forever. This is the most unique gift you could ever give your partner…and yourself. Call us at 613-824-8525 to set up your  free consultation…no strings attached. Bridal Boudoir photo packages start at 299.00  and packages with photo albums range between 950.00 and 1459.00.

Shoes, lingerie, jewelry & accessories by: stella & dot ( sales rep: Jordana Ross), La Senza Lingerie, La Vie en Rose, Aldo and Jacob.

Makeup by: Isabelle Lacroix, Cocobella Spa

Spay Tan by: Tracey Gifford-Lahey at Birds of a Feather Oasis Studio

 Bridal Boudoir Photography by: Julie Robichaud Martin &  Joelle Martin

Studio G.R. Martin Photography, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



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