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February 23, 2017


Commercial and interior photography assignements can be really fun and creatively stimulating. When we photograph people, technical skills and lighting are important, but the interaction with our client is the key to a great image. It is our job as a photographer to make the client look and feel comfortable in front of the lens to produce an image that they will love. When we do commercial photography… the challenge is in the lighting, the composition and the choice of lens. Photographing interiors is not easy. Factors to consider are: the time of day, extra lighting (flashes in hidden spaces to brighten up dark areas or to add texture), the choice of lens (a 200 mm for details, big open spaces with a 50 mm , smaller spaces with a wide angle), bracket exposure, height of the camera, vertical and horizontal lines, post processing, etc. Taking the time to do it right is the key. Here are a few images taken to showcase the talents of the designers and custom cabinets makers at Deslaurier  in Ottawa. For more information regarding their services, you can visit their website at: Deslaurier Custom Cabinets.



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