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July 1, 2015

Elaine & Jack’s May Wedding- St. Margaret Mary Parish & Camelot Golf and Country Club

Sometimes, you just get it… that connection with someone. You just start talking and see eye to eye. This is exactly what happened when Elaine and I started talking on the phone about her big day! In a nutshell, we knew each other’s life story! It is important to find the time to get to know your clients before you photograph their wedding. Everyone is different and what is important to someone, might not be the same to someone else. This being said, Elaine and Jack found each other after similar circumstances brought them together. Friendship turned into love, and in May 2015, they got to walk down the aisle at  St. Margaret Mary’s church in Cumberland. Jack’s photo session was done at our Cumberland studio while Elaine’s bridal session was photographed at the couple’s beautiful home. After the ceremony, I got the latter out of my SUV to get that one important picture…”the group photo in front of the church”. Family photos followed the ceremony on the church property.  Elaine and Jack’s official couple photos were done back at our studio. We took advantage of the indoor studio to warm up a little, but the chilly weather was not a problem for this couple,  they spiced things up just looking at each other! The reception was a few steps away at the Camelot Golf and Country Club . Everything was amazing; the gorgeous view; the service; the atmosphere; the heart felt speeches;  the decorations and photo booth and the awesome live music from the band “Another Level”. I was so impressed by this live band, they knew how to get a crowd moving! In all, it was a superb day. To Elaine and Jack: You two are wonderful, kind, generous and beautiful inside and out! I wish you the best in your new lives as husband and wife and thank you for allowing Guy and I to record your special day through images that will keep this day alive forever!

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